Power window problems

Power Window Motor repair

Power Window Motor alternatives

Power Window Regulator differences

Power Window Regulator roller

Power Window Regulator repair 2022.pdf

Power Window Motor 1984 alternative by Ivan Verborgh

Window and door rattles

Window rattle

Window guide fix

Window guide fix passenger side

Window guide fix driver side

Window bumper / felt guide repair

Window switch fix

Window switch top panel removall

Rear quarter window seals

Rear quarter window trim

Window and sunroof electrics



Mirror repair and upgrade

Mirror removal instructions

Mirror removal info

Mirror wiring

Mirror glass removal

Mirror vibrating

S4-GTS Aero Mirror Conversion info

Outside temperature sensor (mirror)

GTS Mirror and controls ectomy

GTS mirror ectomy

GTS mirror base assembly

GTS Aero Mirror installation (Andy Vangelidis)

Troubleshooting the mirror memory system

Rear view mirror and rear view camera in mirror

Removing the rear view mirror base

Removing the door mirror base



Headlight mechanism potential problem

Headlight locking element

Headlights retraction mechanism

H4 / H5 headlights

H4 Philips Xtreme bulbs 80% more light

H4 LED headlights plug and play

Headlight popup mechanism

Headlights not popping up

Headlights Electrics 0.85

Headlight Adjuster electrical

Headlight Adjustment and parts

Headlight Adjustment end-piece broken

Headlight Adjustment hydraulic version

Headlight Aiming

Headlight types

Headlights jammed

Headlights do not respond at all

Headlight electric height adjust 1990- models

Headlight (Auxiliary) assembly

Headlight cleaning the reflectors

HID headlights and other types

HID headlights without a glare and more info

Tail light assembly

Side marker light repair

Side pieces of lights cleanup

Adding a third brake light in a euro 928

3rd brake light

Brake light differences 1978-1994

Daylight driving lights

Daylight Running Lights relay

Fog lights LED conversion (for daylight driving lights)

Tail lights differences EU US for S4 GT GTS

Tail lights connector layout

No reverse light when front lights are off

Fog/driving lights actuator fix

Covered headlights factory option



Hood Alignment

Hood / Hatch /Glove box  shocks

Windshield heated washer system

Hood Porsche emblem

Hood light pre 1990

Hood hinges

Engine hood switch



Hatch release problems

Hatch Liner new Insert

Replacing the hood/hatch struts

Hatch release adjustment

Hatch release motor keeps running

Hatch release motor electronics repair

Hatch release and motor

Hatch release power flow

Hatch release arm linkage

Hatch release knob removal

Hatch latch broken

Hatch latch low profile bolts

Hatch stuck closed

Hatch upper latch alarm version

Hatch switch for interior lights

Hatch hinges

Lock re-keying

Lock stuck closed

Actuator motor repair

Mounting the hood / Hatch shocks

Making a new hatch catch liner insert

Repairing the fitting of schocks to the hatch

Hatch lock liner French project



Spoiler lifting mechanism 1987 model S4

Spoiler mounting repair



Door locked, keys inside

Doors locks, unable to unlock

Door handle problems

Replacing Door handle

Crazy Door locks

Door lock keeps cycling

Door lock Problems

Door lock stuck

Door Lock (key mechanism) lubricating

Door open-stop repair

Door hinges / bolt frozen

Door hinges adjustment

Door makes loud clicking sound

Door catch

Broken door handle repair

Replacing the door window seals  

Remake door window scraper seals

Door seals

Door assembly driver side

Door Sill removal and illumination

Door dismantle and make ready for paint

Side protection strips

Door wiring interconnect T3 T4


Glass, windshield

Door Glass

Windshield replacement

Windshield drain


Paint and body

Polishing and waxing the Shark

Paints and all there is to it

Paint chip repair

Paint codes over the years

Painting the bumper (re-spray)


Paint decal - sticker

Fender removal and repair

Removing Door Threshold Plates

Rear bumper cover removal

Front bumper cover removal

Front spoiler S4 GT GTS

Side protection strips

Sil repair

Wax und versieglung

GTS Reflective Rear Strip Bowed

GTS Reflector Strip strong fix

Rear bumper Decal 928GTS

Rear spoiler repair (in Swedish)

Alu korrosion

Mike Sanders Anti Corrosion (Dutch/German

Wheel arch liner rear

Chassis left front side chassis raw assembly

Body dimensions and measurements


Under the car, no engine and transmission


Fuel Tank and Pump

Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank leaking / overfilling?

Fuel tank leaks

Fuel Tank mounting bracket

Fuel Tank removal

Fuel Tank gauge repair

Fuel Tank calibration for digital dash

Fuel Tank vent and leaks

Fuel Tank return shutoff valve

Fuel Tank return line and breather

Fuel Tank cap locking mechanism repair

Fuel Sender

Fuel Sender removal

Fuel Tank sender removal

Fuel Gauge calibration

Disassembly and re-keying the Gas Cap

Fuel Pump housing

Fuel Pump part numbers and equivalents

Fuel Pump power

Fuel Pump relay jumping

Fuel Pump dissection

Fuel Pump ectomy

Fuel Pump (intank) repair

Fuel Pump (intank) hose repair

Fuel Pump (intank) frozen

Fuel Pump (intank) ectomy

Fuel Pump (intank) insert repair

Fuel pump (intank) repair instruction

Fuel (intank) strainer

Fuel Pump troubles

Fuel Pump relay bypass

Fuel Line pump to filter

Fuel Filter replacement

Fuel accumulator up to 1986

Fuel check valve (rollover protection)


Fuel tank venting

Fuel smell, charcoal canister leak

Fuel Tank breather, vapor EVAP system

Fuel charcoal canister purge valve



Rear Wipers keep running

Rear Wiper Motor

Front Wiper Motor

Wiper Motor Repair

Wiper blades



Sunroof Pictures

Leaking sunroof

Sunroof repair guide

Sunroof stuck

Sunroof not fully closing

Sunroof drain

Sunroof seals or gaskets

Sunroof removal

Wind deflector adjustment

Antenna install (sunroof motor pics)

Dan on Sunroof repair

Wind deflector adjustment



It is not just Pipes (Tom Cloutier)

3-way cat operation, High Flow cats

CAT, metal high flow and ceramic

CAT alternatives

CAT alarm

CAT temp sensors (Japan version)

928 Tech Tips

CAT protector plate

CO measuring port

RMB pipe

Exhaust weights

Inside the intermediate silencer

Lightweight GT/CS exhaust pictures

Strosek / Fuchs exhaust



PORSCHE Key head repair

Keyhead LED conversion

Keyhead crest missing

Key into lock problems

Lock re-keying

Rekeying 928 Locks Procedure by Wayne Strutt

Getting a new spare key

Blank Keys cut and two versions

Keys locked inside car

Repairing the key blade



Roof antenna

Antenna install

Radio Antenna amplifier


Wheel arch

Under the wheel arch

Fuel Smell, charcoal canister leak



Bumper Cover removal

Lifting the Car, where to place the jacks

Where are the horns??

Water leaking on Relay panel

Porsche Cw specifications (all models)

Tow eye (hook) stuck or frozen

Air resistance measurement

Trailer coupler Tow hook

Ski carrier for Porsche 928

Engine bottom cover cracked

Engine cover (under tray) new style

Engine cover


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