Door Sill illumination Guide.pdf  by Paul Jaeger (visit his shop)


For those who still plan to make this illuminated door sill on their 928...

Removing the door sill is not so hard. First you must remove the rivet (pop-nagel in Dutch) that holds the sill at the rear side. One way is to push a small screwdriver in to push out the bit that expands the rivet from below and then gently pry it up. Use some carton or similar to protect the paint and take care to not damaging the sill. It is plastic... 20+ years old. The tricky part is not to break the plugs that hold the sill to the chassis. Don't pull the sill up, slide it towards the center of the car. See picture above. There is one spot very close to the GTS (or 928) insert which needs to be pulled up a little.

You can easily remove the plugs by turning them one quarter and pull up. You need those to put  the sill back in.

When the sill is off, it makes sense to clean up and also remove any dirt that may have lodged between the transparent insert and the grey sill. Fitting the EL-panel is not hard. I used wide sticky tape that is reasonably water resistant. Hopefully that is sufficient. Take care not to hurt the small connection of the wires. It may render the EL panel useless.

When ready, test it, move the plugs into the sill again, and stick the sill back into place. Gently press into place. The rivet can be pushed back in or order a replacement from Porsche: 999.591.519.00.

An elegant way of connecting the wires is to guide them from under the sill to the front, remove the trim and sneak the wire under the liner up to where the cable sleeve is located that holds the wires to the door. Place back the door trim.
Remove the light in the door. Now, find a passage through the sleeve to feed the EL-panel wire through. You may find this to be difficult. It seems that the inner sleeve (around the wires) inside the outer sleeve (that is connects the door to the pillar) is not through and through so you may end up feeding the wire into the sleeve around the wires. Reverse, try another spot. It can be done.

Next pack the power converter for the EL-panel so that moisture stays out and also insulate the high pitched sound a little. Put inside the door cavity. Connect the wires for the converter to the wires at the light. One wire is gnd, the others are perm.12v and switched 12v. Obviously you need the switched one. Close up and ready to test.

regards, Theo Jenniskens,
928gts, the Netherlands