Hood shock location?

Does the hood shock have the rod facing up towards the hood or down. Meaning the gas portion is it on the bottom or top!
Thanks wife is holding the hood for me as we speak!
As per 928Intl:

"When installing new hood or hatch shocks, always mount large end up. Installing shocks with the large end down will shorten their life."
Kiet Truong


Glove box damper:

Pack-ratism pays off again.

Found my old damper in my box of old parts. And note that this is a (probably oil-filled) damper, not a gas spring; it doesn't "want to be" extended and spring out when it's in its compressed state like a gas spring does. A starting point could be the damper section on the Stabilus website.

(Refresh your browser if the second photo above doesn't have at least six measurements shown. I've recently updated the photo.)

The information written on the cylinder (you can easily read it in the photos, but I'll include it here for the sake of text search ability) is:

54 Koblenz W Germany
503487 23/89 E 02

I'll repeat the dimensions I've added to the second photo:
extended length with connecting parts: 185 mm
extended length without connecting parts: 150 mm
compressed length with connecting parts: 125 mm (see first photo)
stroke: 60 mm
rod diameter: 6 mm
cylinder diameter: 15 mm
ball diameter: 8 mm (if possible, someone should confirm this by measuring the ball; I just measured the inside of the socket with an inside caliper as best I could)
should dampen on extension
should not dampen on compression
required damping force on extension: unknown at this time
linear or progressive: unknown at this time (linear is best guess)
I'm pretty sure that the "503487" is the important part. 23/89 is probably a date code (the 89 is almost certainly 1989, as this was the original part in my '90 S4).

JP is probably right; this one might be hard to obtain as an OEM part.

My first Google search did result in one hit at a Danish site. That at least confirms that this is a damper in Stabilus's "Stab-O-Shoc" line.


Engine hood:
Extend force [N]: 150
Length [mm]: 435,5
Hub [mm]: 172
PORSCHE: 928.511.139.03,
PORSCHE: 928.511.139.05
STABILUS: 333859,
LESJ÷FORS: 8069702, 0583-378 0583-384 0583-394 0583-404 0583-421, 0583-422 0583-432

Extend force [N]: 420
Length [mm]: 435,5
Hub [mm]: 172
PORSCHE: 928.512.331.05,
STABILUS: 333824
TRISCAN: 8710 20200,
LESJ÷FORS: 81 697 04, 0583-378 0583-384 0583-394 0583-404 0583-421, 0583-422 0583-432