I'd like to align my hood and wondered if there is a procedure to be followed. Looked in the FSM and cannot find any steps. Seems the more I try to adjust it the worse it gets :(.

Anyone done this successfully?



yeah it is a PITA but try this..

POP your hood and tighten the hood bolts just snug enough that they grip yet you can still move the hood around with some work. Get the adjustment close...then close the hood. You should find that you should still be able to move the hood around and adjust it at the windshield corner area. Once you get it set, pop the hood again and slowly raise the hood trying not to disturb the position you set it in. It should hold..... Now tighten the bolts and close it!

usually it takes quite a few times to get it "just right"

You could perhaps use wooden sticks IE: paint stir sticks, to line the gap on the edge of the hood on either side, so when it is closed you can get a feel for how even it is on each side.

don't strip the bolts either : )



good that you mention this lubrication. I had an awkward discussion with a Porsche shop who insisted that the hinges were badly worn, and needed replacing. A standard 928 bug, they said.

The hood did not close properly and had to be adjusted (pushed into place) by hand at the windshield side. Now I (in my true Dutch "cheap is ok" way ;-)) looked under the hood to see what might be causing this problem. It was not really obvious.

I just thought I lubricate things and "voila" all is ok again. Just use a good oil and lube all moving parts. It closes beautiful again.
No more silly pushing.

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Figured I'd write up another small victory from a couple months back.
The hood always sat 4-5mm too high near the windshield on the driver side, and I had even asked a "professional" to adjust it when he replaced the windshield 5 years ago. He said it was adjusted as far down as it would go.

Anyway, Dave Chamberland agreed to give it a shot with me back in May, and we pretty quickly decided the hood was adjusted down as far as possible. However, playing with the hinge, I noticed that it would go down further if rotated more. So what we had to do was make the front adjustment high and the rear low. You can get far more up/down adjustment this way.

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I had tried a few times before to change the hood adjustment as one side had a larger gap than the other and the driver side window corner rear always was a few mm too high. Besides everything that was already said: you can undo the lock mechanism from the hood. That makes maneuvering easier and prevents the lock to get stuck and not open again (which is nasty as you cannot access the 13mm bolts when the hood is closed.

Anyway, the hood can move in 4 ways at the hinges so it takes a lot of fiddling to get it right. When ok, start working on the lock. Use a flashlight to monitor the round lock part moving in. If it does not center correctly, re-position the lock (the upper unit that is held in the hood with two 10mm nuts). The locking ring that pushes down can also be adjusted a little. We're talking depth here. There is a 17mm nut that van be loosened and the spindle can be rotated to change the depth for locking. 

All and all a tedious [process to get it right. Patience is needed, and maybe a pair of extra hands.



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