On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Michael Loveall wrote:

> Hi All:
> I can't locate the horns in my 86.5! Where should they be? I get no audible feedback when I push on the middle of the steering wheel and the fuse is good. I suspect they're missing, but, I have no idea where to look. Help!
> (this is an official request for technical advice, thank you!)

Passenger's side front wheel well. There should be a flexible plastic fender liner behind the wheel, which needs to be removed (held in by a couple bolts, I think 10 mm. Remove the bolts, and the fender liner can be pulled out. Alternatively, you could keep the liner in if you can get underneath the car to look up behind the liner). The horns are behind the liner, in front of the wheel. There should be two of them. Could be bad horns, bad connections (bad grounds), or a problem at the steering wheel end. The horn button might not be hooked up, or the contact ring that the horn buttons uses as a ground might not be connecting (in mine, the contact ring broke off).