Hi listers its been a while...Why? I have been using my car as a daily driver and no problems for a while...Until now. I was about 100 miles away from home at a golf outing last week night fell and I left for home. No headlights. The parking lights and drivers come on but the headlights don't budge. So I pull over pop the hood and crank them up myself. In the up  position still no lights. I have checked the fuses...Everything seems to be in order. Needless to say I drove home that night hiding behind other cars on the NJ turnpike. A cop had someone pulled over and tried to wave me in thank god for a tall 3rd gear! Anyway I'm a little stumped any body have this problem before?

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relay , relay ,Relay ....most likely the headlight relay .When you turn the switch it talks to the relay , the relay turns on the power to illuminate the headlight AFTER the headlight motor tells it "Yes I am all the way up" . The relay is the big double one , bottom row , right .

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I finally got some room in the shop so I decided to tackle some on going issues. We started with the headlights, they pop up but don't turn on. We searched the Rennlist archives and found some good info but no solution. I've got the factory wiring diagram so we checked all the wiring, tested the switch, relays and ground there's correct voltage where needed and all the grounds are good. When we jump power to the headlight fuse they come on. Were going to check behind the fuse panel as the last resort. I had some electrical work done by a respectable shop and they had to go into the fuse panel so maybe a wire got pulled or cut somewhere. Any Ideas or advise would be appreciated. Thanks.

Perhaps I should explain what happened to mine. There is 3 relays inside the HL relay. 1st on picks up when you turn on switch. 2nd on picks up and raises headlights. When they raise and contacts make up in motor 3rd one picks up and turns lights on. I took mine apart and tested it inside and found the 3rd winding that pulls the contacts in for headlights to turn on was burned out. Hope this helps

Not quite and it varies with year...

One contact set controls driving the pod motor - on a pre-S4 the headlight motor runs only one way and stops in 2 positions: up & down. The second contact set controls the turning on of the headlight beams - it is disabled whenever the headlight motor is still running. The third contact set controls the switching between high & low beam.

On S4+ models there are 4 relays - an extra one for the headlight pod motor which now runs in one direction for up and reverses direction to go down. The other switching is essentially the same. Relays & motors are not at all compatible between the Pre-S4 & S4+ models.

The relay coils rarely burn out - but the contacts often get stuck (~welded) open/closed or get so much oxidation they no longer make good contact. Usually the best solution is HL relay replacement - though expensive! Temporary repairs can be attempted (nothing to loose) - but usually are not a good long term solution.

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