Anybody have a good tutorial on dropping the fuel tank. I think my vents are plugged or something.
When pressure builds up gas will leak out the filler neck. I've had to replace the rear passenger side marker too many times. I'm going to run it down to,
almost, empty and see what the deal is. Thanks y'all

'86 928S auto


Whoa there ! no need to drop the tank to check the fuel overflow system . Get the car up in the air remove the right rear wheel and have a look around
. Near the top of the fill spout is a plastic T molded into the tank . One hose is attached to the T and goes from the T through a hole in the chassis to a fitting on the top of the main body of the tank . This vents air to allow the body to fill completely . The other hose from the T goes forward to an overflow tank above the right rear wheel (bedpan looking thing)...this should catch any expanded liquid gasoline . Vapors are routed forward to a charcoal canister mounted above and to the rear of the right FRONT wheel it then is plumbed to the intake. Attached to the bedpan is a one way check
valve which inhales but never exhales this keeps the tank from collapsing as the fuel is consumed but prevents vapors from escaping . You must have a bad hose , broken fitting or if you are corning hard just a bad loose fitting gas cap .

Jim Bailey
928 International