Lighted Key Head Conversion to LED (DIY Mod) (By Barry Orlando)


A dead battery on my lighted key head, gave me a reason for finally doing the conversion to LED.

Opening up the case shows the original parts... 1.5V alkaline battery, incandesent bulb, etc....

Here's another mod I found...

I used a single 3V lithium battery and white high brightness LED from Radio Shack. It requires the following parts:

1 - CR1025 lithium battery, 3V, $4USD
1 - High brightness LED, Radio Shack Part Number 276-0017, $1.99USD
1 - 3/8" O.D. x 1/8" I.D. x 1/8" LG, nylon spacer, $0.15USD
1- 5/8" O.D. x 3/8" I.D. x 1/8" LG, nylon spacer, $0.20USD

I purchased the nylon spacers at a local hardware store that has an extensive assortment of nuts and bolts (B&B Do It Center).

Youíll need to slightly modify the large nylon spacer. The small nylon spacer should fit inside the larger nylon spacer, but itís bore is slightly to small to allow the battery to fit inside. So you need to sand or file the inside of the large nylon spacer enough that the new battery fits inside without friction. Then use a razor knife to cut a notch as shown.

Youíll also need to bend and trim the LED so it fits nicely inside. Be careful, you canít bend the leads more than once without them breaking. The flat edge of the clear LED lense faces up, place it downwards and the LED wonít light.

Here's the partially assembled key head.. The battery goes in as shown, the small washer goes on top of the LED lead and battery. The large nylon spacer keeps the battery from sliding around and the small nylon spacer fits between the external button and the LED lead and battery.

and back together..

By Barry Orlando.
*** old style key internals