I've got an 86.5. Fuel gauge functions, but is always 1/4 tank lower than true (when full, reads 3/4, when near empty, reads well below empty). Have never taken it low enough to see if warning light comes on. Appears to be functioning fine, just reading low. Is there an easy way to adjust this (please tell me there is just a screw I can turn someplace). Really appreciate any BTDT advice.

TJ 86.5 AT Weissgold Metallic



It seems that many 928's have mis-aligned fuel gauges, something you would never find in a $10000 car but after my search for a mystery adjustment the only answer I got was to take the gauge pod off and remove the gauges and literally move the needle by the appropriate amount you like. I did that and now I set my gauge so that full is just above the full mark and then the needle stops moving between the bottom white and red lines. This gauge does not meter the full tank of gas so it stops there and then I drive for about another 60-80 miles during which the low fuel light will come on. While I was there I adjusted the needle on my volt gauge which now shows 13.5 volts as I have measured across the battery while engine is running. My other gauges were fine so I did not touch them. Some people don't mind if their gauges are not accurate but I found it frustrating and cannot imagine having paid full price for this car with simple things like this not functioning properly.

Good Luck

Mark Baistrocchi 88 Venice Blue