At 11:47 AM 2/6/02, r cook wrote:
> After seeing two 928's on the roads the same day, I felt I needed to get my fix as well. I fired her up, Turned on the light switch and heard a thump/thump/thumping noise with no headlights. The right headlight had come up 1/4 of the way, but the left had caught itself by it's headlight bucket on the edge of the fender. One of the retaining screws had loosend/came out. so the bucket wasn't flush with the headlight rim. I now have the headlight motor running, and no movement of the headlights. Any Ideas?


If the headlamp motor is running, you basically need to find where the motion stops.

1) Check the bellcrank arm from the motor to the headlamp bar, and make sure that neither of the bellcranks are off, and that the bellcranks move as the motor runs.
2) Look at the headlamp bar as the motor cycles - is the bar moving where it disappears into the front fenders?
3) If the bar is moving where it goes into the fenders, the drive pin may have sheared in the headlamp bucket. Where the bar goes thru the bucket, there is a drive pin that goes thru the base of the bucket and thru the bar. If the bar is turning in the bucket, you probably need to replace this drive pin.

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Tonight I was gonna make a pizza run but the headlights wouldn't pop up or turn on. Parking & fog lights worked just fine but no dice for the headlamps.
Made the run in the Honda (the pizza was tasty), did some forum searching and wandered out to the garage to troubleshoot fuses and relay. Tried the lights again before pulling up the carpet and now the lights work just fine. They're mocking me at this point. Is this a sign of a failing relay? Thanks for your insights as always.
Next time they don't work, try and manually lift the lights using the knob on the head light motor. If they go up and then turn on, it's a sign of a failed relay, if they don't want to go up and the motor engages and tries to bring them down as you're bringing them up, it's a sign of a failed switch

This diagram shows in detail how the headlight system works. Click on the picture to expand.

Regarding my non operating pods I was in the process of sourcing a new relay (no cheap!!) but I decided to pull the gear box off the headlight arm motor and give it a clean. When I put it back together amazingly the pods went up and the lights came on.