Sunroof drain hose, reinstall in my 94 gts


I've been trying to get the passenger side front drain hose to clear and managed to poke a hole in the hose. Not a big deal, I just loosened the headliner at the edge of the passenger door and took a look.

Small hole....., so I'll just use some pliers and pull the hose off and patch it up.

Ok, now the entire drain hose is on my workbench. It's about 3 feet long. I looked at the PET and saw a diagram, including the grommet, which guess is still in the body.

Now I need to put the hose back into the pillar!!!!

I'll remove the fender liner and the washer fluid reservoir tank (94 GTS). I saw a picture from a previous post by Tony in Las Vegas. The hose goes through the grommet by about 3 inches. I think mine was pinched off before the grommet, as I couldn't get a 3/32nds coated cable through to the floor like I could on the driver side.

Anyone have any experience installing the drain hose?????

Bill Sanders
Yes, I meant the washer fluid reservoir. I'll edit the original post.

Alan, I don't know why the passenger side is this way. I first used weed wacker string and that worked fine for the other three drains.

For the passenger front drain, I tried heavy gauge vinyl coated cable, about 3/32nds inch. Was able to get it pretty far down, as far as the trimmer string went. I finally used a electricians friend, a wire fish, with the hook end snipped off. Poked a nice hole in the drain hose, as it makes the bend down the pillar.

I'll take some pictures tonight and post.

This should be fun!!
Bill Sanders
Fixed. I removed the front passenger corner of the headliner and sun visor, pulled the pillar interior trim and pulled the drain hose from the pillar.

Then had to remove the windshield washer bottle from the pass. side fender and removed the drain hose grommet.

The hose seems to have a kink about 3 inches from the bottom. Must have been the problem. Used silicone sealant to plug the holes, then taped over them.

Putting the hose back in the pillar was an adventure. I'll post pictures later, but essentially had to insert a 6 or 7 foot long 1/8th inch cable through the hose, taping both ends of the hose tightly to the cable. Then push the cable and hose from the bottom (from inside the fender). Using a bit of grease around the pillar top hole where the hose exits helps a bit.

Put the hose back onto the nipple of the sunroof drain after removing the cable from the hose, replaced the grommet, put the washer fluid reservoir back in, replaced the fender liner, front tire, then buttoned the interior back up.

The original problem of the sunroof not aligned was fixed by removing the sunroof motor and transmission, then manually aligning the cable ends. Put the sunroof back on it works fine.

I tested the drain holes and they empty as they should.
Bill Sanders


Some pictures:

Joe Elliott wrote:
I went through a carwash yesterday and had some water leaking in around the left corners of the sunroof trim. So, the obvious question: are the sunroof drains on the 928 prone to clogging? Anyone have any experience with cleaning them?

Joe Elliott
'88 S4


You can test by using a piece of tubing and blowing thru the drain by mouth - not with high-pressure air. If the drain is plugged, three feet of heavy weed-eater cord (.105" is best, .095" will work) makes a good tool to clear the drain. The square or star-shaped cord works best. Driving the cord with a battery-powered drill makes it easy. If you don't have such cord, ask your friends - someone will have it.

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists


The routing for the sunroof drain is through a hose that enters the A-pillar and exits in the wheel fender area. 
If you'd like to replace the hose, this is how to do it:
Remove the intensive cleaner reservoir if you have that (MY dependant). That is where you can see the hole that the hose uses. There is one on each side. To guide the hose you can use a 2-3 mm coated wire like used in electrical installations. Start in the wheel fender, and work your way up into the A-pillar. At some point you should see the wire at the roof liner exit through the hole that was intended for the drain. Pull the wire out. Use some adhesive tape to attach the hose to the wire and gently move the hose in from top to bottom. Do not pull the wire too much. It takes some patience.