t 09:54 AM 6/30/02, Robert Smith wrote:
>My trunk only remote-releases occasionally...how do I adjust it?

First thing to check is that the fasteners are tight on both the top and bottom part of the latch.

There are two adjustments that may be necessary.

Remove the tool panel. Loosen the two 10 mm bolts that hold the hatch release, and have an assistant trigger the release. Slide the release down until it begins to drag at the bottom of the cycle, and slide it up until it is just free.


If this doesn't cure the problem, loosen the fasteners holding the top latch to the hatch, and insert spacers under the outer edge so that the latch is tilted slightly forward. Make sure that the alignment is such that the latch enters the receptacle cleanly.

Wally Plumley
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If your hatch is squeaking and rattling a lot my guess is that it is not being held fully closed by the latch mechanism: the gap between the rear edge of the hatch and the rear bumper cover should be pretty small, a few mm. I'd been searching on and off for the source of the squeaking before I noticed at a local gathering that the gap was way smaller on every other shark there. Focusing on the latch, I quickly found that the upper piece had a hairline crack in the metal on the base along the edge where the locking part sticks out. Replacing it fixed the squeaking, and also fixed an intermittent alarm problem - since the hatch was not held down fully, the alarm switch just barely made contact and would sometimes break continuity if the wind blew, etc. I would inspect the metal parts carefully, and if good go with Dan's suggestion of replacing the plastic part.

'88 S4

This shows the connector for the headlight adjuster. Is is normally located behind the CEB. On the upper side you see the wires going the the switch on the handbrake cover, the bottom part is not wired in this case as the wiring loom was omitted. In a car with equipped electrical adjusters you see the wires for the electrical adjusters in the headlight frame. The pair Brown/Green wires at the bottom on the left & right are nothing to do with the adjusters and don't show up in the FWM. Not sure what they are...