I'd like to disassemble the rear view mirrors mounted on the door before painting (yes, it's still in the paint shop).

What is the trick of taking the "rubber" that surrounds the mirror casing off? The parts book pictures makes it look like this is part of the transmission assembly. My painter didn't seem to know and recommended that I leave it alone and paint around it (I think we all know what is motivating that opinion).

Do you just pull this off? I can't find any fasteners. Will I find these after the mirror is removed from the door?

Dan Perez


Dan, the procedure is quite simple. If you have the flag type mirrors mounted on your car, rotate them towards the front of the car where you'll see an Allen bolt socket at the base of the mirror mount. Remove this bolt and the mirror comes off. Because your car is an early model, it possesses a "Z"-type flat bar which holds the mirror mount to the door. This may fall into the door cavity which may necessitate door panel removal. Installation is in reverse order.

I suggest you replace the rubber/plastic mirror mount gaskets with new ones when remounting the mirrors. A good trick is to place the gasket in warm-to-hot water for a few minutes before stretching it over the mirror mount base.

If you wish to paint the mirrors (w/o painting the rubber flanges), first remove glass from the mirror housing using a putty knife. Afterwards, remove three 8-mm mounting screws to separate the plate from the mirror housing. Once out, the rubber flange can be separated from the painted mirror housing.

Painting? Maybe it would be a good time to convert over to GTS aero-mirrors? For under $400 bucks, you get a complete kit from any one of the "big three" 928 supply houses.

N.B.:Coming soon to the 928oc website.....GTS aero-mirror conversion procedure w/photos

Andy Evangelidis
'91 928S4 horizon blue/cobalt (with GTS mirrors)



The mirror glass sits on three friction fit pins. You have to run it to the end of its travel in several directions and then use a body tool to remove the glass. If you are the luckiest guy in the world you won't break the pins off of the back of the glass. If you do you can normally glue them back on with the same kit that you would use to do your mirror button for the windshield. After the glass is removed you can then access the three hex bolts (10mm wrench) that hold the "transmission" to the housing. The transmission uncouples via a connector inside. If you want to remove the whole mirror for painting if that ever actually happens :) you can remove the pins from the connector with an AMP pin remover available at Radio Shack or equiv. Then the mirror can be removed and completely disassembled for painting.

Lot of work for a small detail but worth it.

Jay Kempf


How difficult is it transfer mirror glass from one mirror backing to another? I managed to crack one, but I have a spare assembly with a good mirror. These are the late model ones, post '86.

Does it involve heating then up?


if its the later mirror the glass is removable by rotating the locking ring visible as three small gear teeth viewed by looking under the bottom edge of the mirror glass with the mirror "looking at the sky"




After looking at the mirrors some more, it looks like the removal of the mirror glass probably has something to do with the little hole on the underside of the mirror, through which you can see a plastic thing with slots. So I stuck a screwdriver in there, and was able to move the plastic wheel or whatever it is a little bit. But that didn't seem to release the mirror. ???




I think you talking about the Aero mirrors.

FWIW the later "flag" mirrors do remove by rotating the locking ring (one way or the other) It should look like just three plastic teeth of a gear wheel that you pry inboard or outboard with a small screwdriver ? The mirror glass may well NOT just drop out! (Don't try this in you garage) preferably sitting on the bed or somewhere else soft. The glass and its plastic backing frame is not a loose fit in the locking assembly even when unlocked. Try
rotating the mirror glass so as to look at the sky (relative to the frame when mounted on the door ) You should be able to see the locking ring between the mirror and the "Flag".

Hope this helps



> I need some help, today I was driving , got out and the mirror was loose. I was able to completely remove it, the wires are still connected. I have removed the door panel, but for the life of me I can't find what would hold it in place. It did not come away from the door.
> Thanks,
> Ted Lavizzo


There is an allen head bolt in the top of the "stump" of the mirror that is still attached to the door. Should be right next to where the wires come out. It may be hidden under a little black sealing plug - pry the plug out with a thin screwdriver blade. This bolt screws into a threaded plate that is captive inside the door. Undo it to remove the stump from the door panel.

Once you have the stump off you will see underneath it a hollow bolt with two seating washers and a spring around it with the wires running inside. That should be screwed upwards into the "Flag" part of the mirror. The bolt has a internal Splined head - like an allen bolt but with twelve teeth.

Refitting is tricky - you have two options - some have successfully modified a large flat blade screwdriver to fit the splines and then carefully screwed the bolt back in compressing the spring and not trapping the wires - difficult !

The other option is to remove the mirror glass , and motor assembly, disconnect the electrical connector, then remove the pins from the connector using a pin removal tool - looks like a small say 1/16" dia thin wall tube split lengthways. ( I think there are references in the Archives to an AMP ? tool) making a careful note of which wire went where. Feed the wires out one by one , then with no wires in the way put the spline bolt back in using a proper spline bit. Then re-feed the wires and reassemble. The only difficult part in the above is removing the wires from the connector, the rest is obvious once you have it visible.

The mirror glass is removed by adjusting it upwards as far as possible (looking at the sky) underneath you will be able to see three or four teeth on the edge of the locking ring (about 4" dia) using a small screwdriver slide the teeth one way or the other to twist the locking ring and the mirror glass will become loose. It is at this point it will probably fall on the garage floor and break !

Good luck

Black SE