Removing the hatch release knob can be a challenge. Here's a few tips..


I am in the process of putting new carpet in..

I cannot figure out how to remove the rear hatch release knob.

I tried pulling it.. doesn't budge. I noticed that if I pull up on the knob that there is a hole through the shaft so I figured that it screws off.. So I put a nail through it to hold it and still no go. I don't want to end up breaking it.

Any ideas?



Yes it just screws off - anticlockwise - just as you'd expect... just well stuck I guess.

1994 928 GTS Black


you might have to break it to get it off, but put a stronger piece through the hole in the shaft like a small drill bit, and twist the knob it should unscrew after you remove the knob make sure the shaft isnt deformed use a file to make the shaft round again

NOTE if the pull knob is stuck,
then it probably got wet and the water went past the knob insert,
my suggestion .
Pry the insert out then add a few drops of PB blaster,
this will soak the threads and eventually the knob will come off .
Use a drill bit to hold the shaft after pulling up on the shaft to expose the hole.