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Subject: Story about leak in passengers foot well/fuse panel area
From: "Harold" <joeysgrandpa@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 22:07:52 -0500
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I have an 81, I have owned it about 5 years and drove it on weekends until 2 years ago when my daily driver got totaled. I got so little for the car that I couldnt buy another decent car so I bought new rims and tires got tinted windows for the 81 and started to drive it every day, which has been the case for the last 2 years. Now when the rainy season came last year to costa mesa, I happened to notice water in the foot well behind the passengers seat. more rain came until water was dripping behind the fuse panel and a rivulet was running into the footwell. I removed the recirculation flap assembly and patched the leak.
This year when the rainy season came I noticed the same symptom!
DRAT-DRATTED crappy design!!! Reproducing the leak with a garden hose, I get water leaking in the foot well but no water from the recirc flap (a
few drops here and there). I felt around under the rubber foam insulator and could feel water. After gropping around trying to figure out where the water was entering I got and exacto knife and cut out a foot wide section of the rubber mat behind the fuse panel. When I turned on the hose I could not believe it- a stream of water from a hole at the seam of the fire wall. It looked like the work of an ice pick but there is no corresponding hole in the rubber mat. I am probably the only 928 owner with this problem. At least I hope so.


The design of the 928 is for water to drain into area of the fan and then drain out via a hole in the fire wall on the side of the engine compartment.
If you remove the air cleaner you will see a black boot on the right side of the fire wall that has a flap - I suppose to get the vermin out. Over time the area below the fan will fill up with organic matter and the drain flap gets plugged up. When this happens water builds up and over flows into the passenger's compartment and unfortunately over the fuse panel.

This sounds like what is happening to your car. Feel lucky, in the cold weather the water can freeze and stop the fan from working.

Dan the Pod Guy
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With the engine cold, look and feel behind the passenger cylinder head and find an oval opening on the firewall, covered by a rubber flap. Reach inside the opening, and remove the leaves and debris that you will find there.

Wally Plumley
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