At 12:09 PM 4/20/01, Brian Poulin wrote:
>My new hood struts came in today and I plan on installing this weekend.  How do you install these things.  It looks like each end is a compression fit?? but it also looks like they have a latch to pry open??  hints on installation and removal of the old ones would be helpful before I get myself in trouble. Thanks as always

The stock hood and hatch support struts have a wire latch that must be removed for dismounting or mounting of the struts.

P/N of the hatch strut is  928.512.331.05 which is the stronger one.

If possible, have a second person to help during replacement.
1) Open the hood, have the helper support it.
2) Using a small pointed tool, pull the tiny wire ring around the ball socket, then pull it out parallel to the strut.
3) Repeat on the other end.
4) Snap both ends off of the ball studs. Only moderate pressure should be required.
5) Clean the ball studs and apply a small amount of grease in the ball cups.
6) If the new struts have the same type of wire retainers, remove the retainers from both ends, and snap the strut in place. Replace the wire retainers. If the new struts have a flat spring steel band retainer, simply snap the new struts on both ends.
7) Repeat on the other side.

WARNING!! The hood struts and hatch struts are visually identical, but the hatch struts are much stiffer. If you install new hatch struts on your hood, you can bend the hood double by trying to close it. Hood struts will not hold the hatch up.

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists