The H3 FOG lights can easily be converted to LED daylight driving lights. See MyTip1061.htm for details on making and fitting a special relay (cars from MY 1990 onwards have this prepared for use on the CEB). Now, the regular H3 filament bulbs are 55 watts and this is a lot for just being visible, generates a lot of heat, consumes about 10 amps, and may be blinding the opposing traffic as the beam is not really very directed. So I decided to try LED bulbs.

The Bulbs to look for must to be too tall. The space for fitting is rather limited. I used 4,5cm x 1cm bulbs in pure white color, which use 10x SMD LED type 5630. They are about 5 watt, 400 lumen (way less than the H3 which bring a popping 1000 lumen). This LED bulb is your best choice with regards to lumen output, and are simple drop in bulbs. CREE LED bulbs would be an option if they came in a more compact size, and 5050 SMD's produce way less lumen.

Here are some pictures.


Another option is this, but mind the length: these do not fit a 928 without some modification:



These do fit. Watch the small distance from the mounting plate the the lamp assembly.

These are 16 watt: 1x Cree 5watt with Projector lens on top and 4x SMD Plasma LEDs on the sides.

These are H3 LED SMD Cree Q5 Projector fog light bulb. A brand new product to upgrade your fog light bulbs. Gives a super white 6000k HID light. They can be used to give you a styling upgrade to match HID systems etc. Ideal to use as daylight running lights.

regards, Theo

1992 928 GTS midnight blue


you can also use these, but they fit only with a modification on the bulb itself:

The 1.5cm diameter is too much. It takes flattening the bulb to fit the square hole in the assembly.

Material: Aluminum
Light Color: White
Color Temperature: 6000K
Connector Type: H3
LED Type: 4014
LED Quantity: 54 Pcs
Voltage: 12V
Power: 30W
Beam Angle: 360 Degree
Installation: Direct Plug In Replacement (HID Kit is not needed)
Modification of Wire: No Modification, Cutting, or Drilling Required