87S4 Hatch receiver question


The top part of the linkage on my hatch receiver has come loose.
There doesn't appear to be threads , but one small bit of metal protruding.
I tried a small circlip , which snapped on, but the upper hole of the linkage slipped over it.
It did have a small nut and washer on it originally, but only worked for a couple of times after the zip tie fix. I can't find them.

The diagram for pn 928-512-055-20-OEM, show the entire receiver, but no breakdown of the receiver.

Is there a repair someone has completed?
Illustration from PET below.

Rear hatch receiver arm connector?


My rear hatch receiver is missing a little connector piece that joins the two arms together. I think it's a little white tab kind of thing that snaps onto the joint when the two arms are together. (I can't find a pic of a hatch receiver with the piece in question from a useful angle, so I'm just assuming.) From what I can gather, I have to buy a whole new receiver to get that one little piece. Does anyone know of a comparable part that I can use to get that arm connected? It's not the biggest deal in the world for me to get out of my car and use my key to open the hatch, but it would be nice if the hatch release worked as intended. If anyone had any useful suggestions they would be very welcome

go to the hardware store and buy a rivet,
a few taps with a hammer and punch it should be together
If you mean the nylon/plastic bush between the arm and the link, I have replaced these with brass bushes - IIRC, 5mm ID, 7mm OD, ~1.5-2mm wide. Will see if i can post pics of how I did it.
File off the part of the arm that holds the link on. drill through the centre of the post - 1/16 should do. Get/make the bush to fit. Get a 2-56 screw, washers, nylock (hobby shop), assemble.
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