Ok, I borrowed this, but it was sooooo informative.... seen from the rear of the mirror glass, so reversed ;-))

Interesting instruction link: http://www.dpb-online.com/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/24442/page/1#Post24442


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"Ed Scherer"

> I know I have seen it explained here before, but how do you remove the  mirror glass on the outside mirrors - 1987 and up. I know how to do this on the older mirrors with a putty knife, but these are the mirrors with the holes in the bottom center. I have tried a small screw driver to locate a  bolt or hex head inside the unit, but was unable to locate a release. 
> Thanks.
> Dan.

Shine a flashlight up the hole in the bottom of your mirror and you'll see that there's a piece of plastic with slots in it. This is actually the  bottom part of a ring that goes around the back of the mirror glass, which, when rotated 5 degrees or so, will release the glass. Once you see  what it looks like, stick a small slotted screwdriver into the hole into one of the slots and try to shift the ring one direction or the other (apply force upward to keep screwdriver in one of the slots and then move it sideways to shift the ring).

This is *much* easier to understand once you get the mirror glass out and  see the locking ring on the back of it. I've got an old broken mirror
glass that I should snap a photo of; maybe I'll do that tonight.

If you look at


(courtesy 928 International) you can barely see the slots on the ring that  I'm talking about (look at the top of the photo).

BTW, don't try to pry the glass off! I broke the mirror glass on one of my old mirrors when I was upgrading them to GTS aero mirrors. I don't  think the shop manuals (which I was trying to follow) were ever updated to include info on the S4 and later mirrors.

Ed Scherer
'90 928S4
I just got off the phone with my frustrated painter, "You know Mr. Perez,  you're putting all this sh#t back together!"

All I could do was laugh.

Dan Perez
78 5 speed
To disassemble, pull the mirror glass directly off. It is held in by 3 expansion plugs the fit into the motor plate. See if you can lean the  mirror glass in a position where you can see behind the glass. You will see the  plugs. Pull/work the glass straight out of its mounting. Then you will be able to see the screw mounting for the trim and motor. You will have to  disconnect the wiring harness at the plug. Mine slipped out pretty easily.
From here, it's a sinch to remove the rest of the mirror assembly from the  door.

The mirror glass is sits on three friction fit pins. You have to run it to the  end of its travel in several directions and then use a body tool to remove  the glass. If you are the luckiest guy in the world you won't break the pins off of the back of the glass. If you do you can normally glue them back on  with the same kit that you would use to do your mirror button for the windshield. After the glass is removed you can then access the three hex  bolts (10mm wrench) that hold the "transmission" to the housing. The transmission uncouples via a connector inside. If you want to remove the  whole mirror for painting if that ever actually happens :) you can remove the pins from the connector with an AMP pin remover available at Radio Shack  or equiv. Then the mirror can be removed and completely disassembled for painting.

Lot of work for a small detail but worth it.

Jay Kempf
79 US 5ish speed

Hey all,
I recently noticed that the controls for my passenger side mirror did not work ('93GTS). The joy stick does not work (the mirror's, not mine!), it does not move when you hit the seat/mirror memory button and the mirror  heater does not work. All the other electronics in the passenger door work as does the driver mirror. I have looked through the shop manuals and I  think the problem must be with connector T38 (appears to be the connector for just the mirror) which the manual says is in the mirror (not in the passenger door). Has anybody dealt with this before. I have looked at the mirror and I see the Allen bolt to loosen it from the door. Where exactly is the connector and how do I find it?
I just finished replacing the driver and passenger mirrors on a 1993 GTS

in this car the connectors were not in the mirrors, but in the door, the male connector is connected to the mirror side and the female is clipped into the door , poking through.

be very careful how you get the connectors to separate, do not apply to much pressure and use a small flat blade screw driver to unlatch the connectors.

the connectors are fragile and prone to coming apart (all the pins fall out) this is not fun !

the drivers side was the only one with the temp sensor in it, both had heater wires

the drivers side has 12 wires, the passenger side 8

undo the hex bolt under the mirror (bend mirror out the way), the whole thing lifts off revealing the connectors

you may want to pull the glass out first, and check to see if the mirror motors are running and that the small white nylon push rods haven't broken, this would tell you if it's the power, motors or rods

hope some of this helps,


Dan, the procedure is quite simple. If you have the flag type mirrors mounted on your car, rotate them towards the front of the car where you'll see an Allen bolt socket at the base of the mirror mount. Remove this bolt and the mirror comes off. Because your car is an early model, it possesses a "Z"-type flat bar which holds the mirror mount to the door. This may fall into the door cavity which may necessitate door panel removal.  Installation is in reverse order.

I suggest you replace the rubber/plastic mirror mount gaskets with new ones when remounting the mirrors. A good trick is to place the gasket in warm-to-hot water for a few minutes before stretching it over the mirror mount base.

If you wish to paint the mirrors (w/o painting the rubber flanges), first remove glass from the mirror housing using a putty knife. Afterwards,  remove three 8-mm mounting screws to separate the plate from the mirror housing. Once out, the rubber flange can be separated from the painted  mirror housing.

Painting? Maybe it would be a good time to convert over to GTS aero-mirrors? For under $400 bucks, you get a complete kit from any one of
the "big three" 928 supply houses.

N.B.: Coming soon to the 928oc website.....GTS aero-mirror conversion
procedure w/photos

Andy Evangelidis
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