Can anyone tell me how to remove the door sill threshold plates (the black plastic plates with clear "928" logo in them.




There are four points of attachment for the threshold.

  1. The rivet at the back of the threshold. This one is removed by pushing the center pin through and prying out the rest of the rivet. Some people replace this one with a pop rivet. If that is the case you will have to drill out the pop rivet.
  2. Clips along the inside of the threshold. These fit down over the metal ridge and hold both the threshold down and the carpet in place. Very gently pry up on the inside of the threshold until you locate the clips. Then use a flat screw driver to either pry the clips from the car body or from the threshold. Either one will work. There are probably four or five of these clips along the length of the threshold. This will free the inside portion of the threshold. Whatever you do - do not pry up on the outside portion of the threshold - you will end up damaging it.
  3. The pin on the 928 emblem plate. Use a thin tool to locate the pin in the neighborhood of the emblem and pry it up to release it from the rocker panel. This is the only place on the outside edge of the threshold you should pry up on.
  4. The clips that run along the outer edge of the threshold cannot be removed by prying. The outside edge of the threshold slides over these white plastic clips. To remove the threshold from the clips the threshold has to be slid evenly towards the inside of the car. If the other clips are free it should be no problem doing this.

Hope this helps.

Dan the Pod Guy
Portia's Parts


After prying out the pin in the rear, as Glen mentioned, pry the inner facing edge of the sill cover upward off the lip. That part is easy.

The outer edge of the sill cover is retained by clips that slide into very thin slots cut into the cover and one prong that is near the center. Look under the outer edge of the sill and you will see the clips and slots.
Locate the prong near the center of the lettered area. That needs to freed without putting too much tension on the clips/slots - they break easily. Once the prong is free of its hole, slide the cover inward so the clips slide out of ends of the slots. Replacement clips can be bought from the usual sources, but try not to break the slots in the cover.

Note the pin in the rear has an expansion post in the center that should be pushed up to make reinsertion of the pin easier.

89 S4