Fuel Tank

the fuel system is a sealed system with a one way check valve which should allow the tank to inhale but not exhale . All 79> also have a small plastic tank above the right rear wheel , looks like a bed pan , it is called a compensating tank it has fittings which connect to the vapor recovery system , the charcoal canister in the right front fender . In short , if fuel is running out onto the ground something is broken !!!!

Jim Bailey
928 International


Erik wrote:

"where is the fuel sender located? I would like to check it out for fuel gauge level."
Pull up carpet  in the hatch area.   On RH side of floor you should have an insulating material glued or taped in place.  Pull that back and there should be a large (maybe 5" diameter) plastic body plug.   Pry off the plug  and the sender is staring back at you.  Pull electric plug and disconnect fuel feedback line.   Unscrew plastic ring holding sender in place and you're there.

JP Rodkey
79 Euro