The hatch lock is not opening anymore. Possibly because something inside is broken.  Any tips?


From the top of the receiver plate (that you can see in the pics) the lip of the retainer (that holds the white locking tab) is approx 8mm down. When locked the white tab is below this but only the top ~ 10mm of the tab is above the rotation pivot. So I'd say you need a hole in the support centered approx 10-12mm below the top of the receiver plate. Use a rod/screwdriver blade to see if you can depress the release tab with this (sharp tap is best to avoid damage - won't take much).

If this doesn't work - it may be you need to drill the receiver too - comments here may confirm - Or you can drill a bigger hole in the support to evaluate what is behind there. If you need to drill this go very slow to avoid release tab damage.