Porsche 928 rear hatch receiver cushion stopper
You are looking at the cushion stopper of the rear hatch receiver of Porsche 928 1978-1992
Only 1 cushion stopper, not include the hatch receiver.
This cushion stopper is not made of ordinary rubber, but urethane which its property is for the cushion, anti wear from heavy pressure of hatch closing and soft enough to hold the hatch without sound of vibration during driving.
without this stopper or cracked old stopper, the hatch can not be locked when you close and create an irritating squeeking sound while driving.
Solve the typical hatch problem when you pull the hatch release button and then not opening (for 928 with rear hatch release motor)
The new material of Urethane Cushion Buffer is transparent urethane, high tension and attraction of product absorbs any kinds of shock effectively
The new item is well worth the effort: old items are invariably badly worn on the nylon stopper - and this has the effect of raising the hatch slightly, so that it does not close correctly. Another symptom is that the rear hatch can squeak quite badly too.