At 09:21 AM 4/25/2005, Michael Kneeland wrote:
>One for the meeting of the mindless >I've a question BEFORE I do something stupid - After the bridge run Saturday I went to get in the car. I couldn't open the drivers door very easy from the outside. This seems to be getting worse quickly, I now open from the inside from the passengers side - PITA - is there an adjustment on the inside of the door panel? Any tricks to taking the door apart so it will go back together in the same amount of pieces
>without a ton of super glue?
>I'm amazed - I'm told 1500 people on a 7 mile bridge makes the bridge shake - personally, I didn't feel a thing for 57:55:03! Can't say that 2 days later though.......OUCH!
>TIA, Sea Ya, Michael
>86.5 5spd Daily driver



Common problem. You need a P/N 928.537.063.04, Door Outer Handle Assembly w/o Trim 77-95, @ $45.48.

Call Jeannie at (828) 766-9280, or go to the on-line store at to order it.

How-to info at:

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists


I've had to replace the hinge inside the door on both sides of the car. I've got a write up with some photos at:

Broken door handle hinge replacement: nasty!!

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When replacing door handles, any harm in deleting the security shield inside the door