At 09:21 AM 4/25/2005, Michael Kneeland wrote:
>One for the meeting of the mindless >I've a question BEFORE I do something stupid - After the bridge run Saturday I went to get in the car. I couldn't open the drivers door very easy from the outside. This seems to be getting worse quickly, I now open from the inside from the passengers side - PITA - is there an adjustment on the inside of the door panel? Any tricks to taking the door apart so it will go back together in the same amount of pieces
>without a ton of super glue?
>I'm amazed - I'm told 1500 people on a 7 mile bridge makes the bridge shake - personally, I didn't feel a thing for 57:55:03! Can't say that 2 days later though.......OUCH!
>TIA, Sea Ya, Michael
>86.5 5spd Daily driver



Common problem. You need a P/N 928.537.063.04, Door Outer Handle Assembly w/o Trim 77-95, @ $45.48.

Call Jeannie at (828) 766-9280, or go to the on-line store at to order it.

How-to info at:

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists

An excellent tip from Mrmerlin is to place some adhesive tape on the outside of the door across the handle before you start, I used duct tape, this saves you having to align the handle.

Once the door card is off and the locking motor is out of the way access isn't to bad, the anti-theft cover is missing on mine, don't remove the link rod at the hinge end, pop it off at the lock end then once you've got the old hinge out transfer it to the new, it's easier and there's more room to pop it back on at the lock end, I used a small pair of needle nose pliers

I've had to replace the hinge inside the door on both sides of the car. I've got a write up with some photos at:

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When replacing door handles, any harm in deleting the security shield inside the door