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I already emailed Bobby (aka Bobarino91) in private and he helped me a lot with my mirror upgrade (thanks a lot again Bobby). But I still have a doubt because he's been told that I can use the motors out of my flag mirrors in the GTS mirrors (the wires will still have to be cut and spliced as it is impossible to get the plugs through the small holes). But Bobby can't guarantee it will work since he hasn't tried himself. Can anyone confirm/infirm this information ?
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Alex, the motors off of your '89 flag-type mirrors will work on the newer GTS mirrors as model year 1989 also uses the same locking ring type mount that will fastens the new mirror glass to the older motor face.

Since you have the seat/mirror memory option on your '89, you will be needing the newer AMP micro connectors that come with the GTS Aero Mirror kit as space is very limited within the mirror housing curvature. If you purchased the mirror housings / mounts separately, the part numbers are as follows:(2x)928 612 615 00 Large female connector housing,(2x)928 612 515 01 Large male connector housing,(2x)964 612 516 00 Small female connector housing,(2x)964 612 616 00 Small male connector housing. You will also need the miniature crimp/solder wire connectors as follows:(30x)999 652 711 10 Female connector,(15x)999 652 710 10 Male connector.

You can either use a pin removal tool to remove the wires from the old flat-type connectors or, since you will be using the newer AMP micro connectors, cut the wires close to the old wire connectors and crimp/solder in the new ones once your mirrors have been assembled.

Andy Evangelidis
'91 928S4 horizon blue/cobalt


The 993 Aero mirrors are the same as GTS.. BUT, BIG BUT the base to the door is 928 specific (different angle) so you must buy new bases or have the 993 mirrors mounted at a very odd angle :)

Jim Bailey
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Are the Aero mirrors off a 911 the same as the GTS mirrors? Will they fit the 928 or do they need a different base? If they need a different base are the bases available and if so where and how much?


Dan the Pod Guy
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92873124100G2M Left $44.96

92873124200G2M Right $44.96

David Roberts



Connection inside the GTS mirror: