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You did not mention what MY your 928 is ! The '87 version is different from the pre 87 as you may know.
Let me try to understand what you mean.... I'm not quite sure...

The light assembly contains:
1. the Fog light. A 21/4W 2-wire bulb with a separate reflector that points in the same direction as the others: to the center of the road. Glass disperses the light. The 4 watt lamp is the "begrenzungslicht" as the Germans say. Its a euro-standard (low power) light that you can switch on to mark the car, and spot it in a dark area. Its typically used for short-time paring in dark and un-lighted streets. We call it parking-light as well.

2. the Extra beam. A 55W H3 bulb but the glass actually aims the light a bit. Its intended to support the headlights or to make yourself be seen in poor daylight conditions (rains etc). It is not nearly as good as the main headlights.

3. next to this assembly you find the orange turning indicator light. This is a separate unit.

The picture shows it all. Coincidence that I had one ;-)

Let me know what info you need,,,, or was that what you were looking for?


'88 928s4 cherry red
The Netherlands


928.631.405.00 on the left side


928.631.406.00 on the right side