> This has given me a little trouble since I got the car, sometimes I have to jiggle the key to get it in, usually within a few seconds it's
> Ok.
Thanks to Wally, Marc, and Geoffrey.

I had previously lubricated the ignition switch and it didn't seem to help, so I thought it was shot.

Last night I used what I had around the house, which was Wal-Mart's version of WD-40 and White Lithium grease. I squirted, put the key in and out, etc.. Squirted more, etc... It seems to be pretty good now. I would have to drive 10 miles out of the way to get SuperLube at ACE or TrueValue. I stopped by Wal-Mart this morning to see if they had anything better. They had some "Gel" lubricant that I am going to try tonight.

Thanks again,
Sam Woodson


My guess is the ignition lock has been changed and the small steel pin which retains it has dropped down into the lock and is preventing the key from going in. You need to remove the steering wheel ,combo switch and remove the pod to inspect the pin and the raised nub. Given the "history" of that car it would not surprise me if someone slide hammered the lock assembly out to be able to drive it away.

Jim Bailey
928 International


You might try some graphite that you can shoot into the lock. Worked wonders on an old BMW of mine and also the front door at home. Got a can at my local Albertson's grocery store for three bucks. Seen the stuff at locksmiths as well.




Graphite is an excellent lubricant for locks. However, it may not free up an ignition or other lock on the 928. For some weird reason Porsche decided to put grease in their locks. Over time the grease congeals and becomes contaminate with dirt.

The best approach is to first wash out the lock with some Liquid Wrench with Teflon. This will get the tumblers to move. The lock is a double sided lock and the tumblers are pushed down with some springs. If you remove the springs the lock will never work because the tumbler drops down and locks out the key. Most likely the reason the key will not go into the lock is because congealed grease has locked one of the tumblers and is preventing the springs from working properly.

Dan the Pod Guy
Portia's Parts