Transmission, Automatic


Transmission general

Transmission pictures collection

Generic AT info and background

AT theory of operation



Fluid ATF level

Fluid ATF level (all versions)

Fluid checking ATF level

Fluid ATF change

Fluid ATF  filling in the transmission

Fluid reservoir leaks

Primary pump repair


Oil pan, filter and seals

Oil pan gasket Porsche 928 S4 A28

Oil pan gasket leaks

Oil pan leaks ATF only after 2 weeks

Oil pan pictures

Transmission front seal repair

Filter and gasket info

Filters and their replacements

Filter valve body particles

Filter replacement


Clutches and gears

Trans slip when cooled

AutoTrans B2 band slip

Brake band actuator leak

Clutch B3 repair

Reverse clutch B3 failure

Clutch plates repair

K1 K2 and B2 worn friction

Shift valves and MB tranny repair

Brake band piston repair



Tranny Protection switch

Kickdown relay and solenoid check

Oil temperature sensor

Kickdown solenoid valve

Transmission protection switch leak

Reverse signal connector in spare wheel well

Gear indicator / lockout switch

Automatic transmission sensors

AT Relay to prevent engine start

Kick down

GTS dynamic kickdown option


Gear selector

Shift cover removal

Replace Gear selector cable







MB Automatic Transmission diagnosis and adjustment

Shifter adjustment

AT cable adjustment

Adjusting control pressure

Vacuum pod for control pressure

Adjusting vacuum modulator


Torque converter

How the Torque converter works

Torque converter stall speeds and test

Torque converter seal and oil pump

Torque converter rivets updated

Test Torque converter

Torque converter stall speed and drag



Shifting conditions and speeds info

More on shifting operation

Slipping Transmission

Up shifts on a 1989 928S4

Shift cable replacement

Retarding during AT shifts, protect switch

Park Brake

Kickdown (relay) operation

Attaching the throttle modulator cable at tranny

Shifter assembly


Replacing transmission mounts

Replacing transmission mounts step by step

Transmission Mounts


Diagnose & Repair manuals

MB722, but very useful diagnose info

Mercedes 733.2 trouble shooting Tips

Mercedes repair manuals and info

Automatik überholen Merc W107

Quick Ref trouble shooting (722 based)



First gear starts

More on First Gear starts

Transmission firmness

Centrifugal governor



Transmission serial code and model

Transmission numbers identification

Automatic transmission  on the track?

Transmission heat isolation and sound damper



by Alan Taylor:

1990 Porsche 928 S4 Auto B2 Piston Failure

928 (MB 722.3) Auto Trans B2 Piston Replace

928 Automatic transmission 94642

928 Automatic Torque Converter Check

928 First Gear Start Module

928 Flexplate Migration Sept 2005

928 Flexplate Migration

Porsche 928 auto gearbox akp722

928S4 A28 16 Automatic Transmission Mar05




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