the automatic trans test procedures for checking working pressure calls for a warm transmission in drive with brakes applied - hold rpm at 1,400 - FOR NO MORE THAN 5 SECONDS --- If you floor the engine against the brakes where does all the energy go ?? The brakes are not sliding so no heat is being dissipated there it must all be absorbed / diffused inside the transmission and this is a transmission that in the opinion of Porsche needed some help to handle the power of the S4 - they incorporate a transmission safety switch which retards the ignition timing -- think "reverse chip" - to reduce the power in two of the four gearshifts . Also just when you think all the adjustments to up shift full throttle have been made you find there is an allen head bolt on the side of the valve body -on the sheet metal plate with three slotted screws , turn it clockwise to up shift sooner , counterclockwise to upshift later then readjust control pressure be careful not to over tighten the oil pan bolts it warps the pan causes leaks --
Jim Bailey
928 International