88 transmission protection switch leak (by MrMerlin (Stan))

here is how to replace the leaking switch on your 87 or newer transmission
here is a link to see other pictures on a MB transmission: https://www.benzworld.org/threads/91-sl500-transmission-leak.1539847/page-3

these are the parts you need to order
140 277 01 51 Spacer Ring To Reaction Valve Band B-2 $0.92
016 997 34 48 Transmission O-Ring To Rear Case Plug $0.81
005 997 80 48 Transmission O-Ring For Reaction Valve At Band B-1 $0.35
016 997 35 48 Transmission O-Ring For Overload Protection Switch (4.5 X 9.5 X 2.5 mm) $1.72
002 545 45 14 Switch on Automatic Transmission (Overload Protector) NOTE: Also Use: (1) 016 997 35 48 O-Ring $56.52

Special tools you will need .
36MM short socket
a few Q tips with wooden handles they are longer
Brake cleaner
Inspection mirror
Dow Corning 111
Thick grease

I got the parts from Importec in Dallas, they sell MB parts

Jack up the car so its level support on 4 stands.
Remove the bolts for the left heat shield slide to the side.
Remove the brass collar with a set of channel locks.
Pull the plastic connector off the switch.
Remove the switch with the big socket.
Have a drain pan to catch some fluid less than an OZ.
Unscrew the switch the inner barrel will also come out with it.
There is a slot in the trans and a tab on the barrel that lines things up,
remove the switch from the barrel they pull apart.
Remove the 2 O rings from the barrel and clean the barrel.
Remove the plastic collar thats holding the metal rod to the tip of the barrel.
Clean this well.
Put some thick grease on the tip of the rod where it seats into the barrel the bevel end goes into the trans band.
Put the new plastic collar onto the barrel.
NOTE I used a small socket to press it on after leaving the plastic to sit in the sun for 5 mins as it seems flimsy you might want to order 2 of these collars.

Use DC111 on the new O rings for the barrel, pay attention they are different sizes.
Install the new O ring to the new switch with DC111.

Go under the car take a drop light and mirror and inspect the hole for debris,
wipe out the loose fluid with a shop rag then get the Q tips,
final wipe the grooves out in the bore.

Fit the barrel to the transmission this may take a few tries, it will easily slide in.
NOTE get a Q tip and wrap it with a small piece of towel then fit it into the hole in the barrel, this is so you can hold it and move it, once its into the bore.

NOTE HOWEVER what will be the difficult part will be the beveled rod to find its home, so this may take a few tries ,
I got this one in by tilting the pin to the up position the grease should hold it, and quickly sliding it into the bore in rapid succession till the pin goes into the band,
you will know it went into the band because the little tab that fits into the slot in the bore will be fully into the cutout,

WARNING if you try to seat the Barrel with the switch by screwing it home your going to damage the transmission band.

Once the barrel is seated then install the switch it will screw into the bore easily then tighten it with the 36MM socket.
Install the wire harness, NOTE clean the wires and the rubber cover with brake cleaner first.

Install the heat shield .
Run the engine and check the fluid for the correct level.
If its all good then lower the car.
Go for a ride