> My '88 928s4 at euro starts in 2nd gear, despite of 1/3 throttle.
> If I kick down, (or engage the PKS) and am almost at standstill, I can convince the tranny to select first gear.
> Makes you wonder what difference there might be.

I've adjusted my tranny cable over and over again until it's just right. When I start from a dead stop or am moving at about 10 mph or less, it takes about 1/3 throttle to either start in first or kick down to first. Anything above 10 mph and below about 35 mph, and I have to push the throttle to the floor and engage the kickdown switch in order to get it to go down to 1st gear. Above 35 mph, it will not drop back down to first whether I push the throttle down all the way or move the gear selector back to 2nd. I can live with that - - unless something better comes along.....



I've been able to adjust my 89 s4 so it starts in first with minimal throttle and will drop back down to first gear whenever i drop below about 5 mph. basically this involves adjusting the cable from the throttle linkage on the left (usa drivers) side of the intake so it is pretty free of slack.
The cable you want is the most outboard and uppermost one. you must remove it from the linkage (it may have a small retaining clip holding it on, if not you can just pop it off the ball) then loosen the locking bolt and tighten the fitting to make the cable length shorter. I also have a pks but find i never need to use it anymore. you might also check your cable from the gas pedal to the throttle linkage to be sure that it is tight enough. it should have +/- 2-3 mm play. this cable is the most inboard and lowest. it can be adjusted by means of a screw adjustment where it passes through the firewall just below and aft to the outer edge of the air box.
don't tighten it too much or you may put too much stress on the throttle body itself and may bend the control arm (which i did, but easily bent back).
The only drawback that i found in doing this is that now my gears hold to redline even with minimal throttle so it probably requires a bit of adjusting to get just right. Anyway if you have any questions on doing this give me a shout.
89 s4


Just a reminder with respect to Parallel Kick Down Switches. They DO NOT shift the transmission into 1st gear at a stop in '88 and later automatics. They do reduce the amount of throttle depression required to downshift when driving on the road, however.

Gary Knox
West Chester, PA
'88 S4


There's definitely been a change in the valve setup during 1987. From late 1987 onwards the tranny starts in 2nd gear unless the pedal is pushed about 2/3 or the kickdown is engaged and the pedal approx. 1/2 way. Its unclear why this change was made by Porsche. No excessive wear problems caused by first gear starts are known so far.