On an 85 US automatic I am having a very difficult time connecting the kick down cable to the transmission. I have tried to release all the tension from the front of the cable and lowered down the hook as far as possible. Each time I slide the plastic connector into the transmission and twist it to lock it fails to connect with the kick down rod. I have gone as far as removing the oil pan and pushing up on the kick down lever to get the two to connect. I even had someone with an S4 look at it but his set up was different.

Help or this car is going out with out the kick down cable attached.


BTW if anyone has a used transmission oil cooler hose going from the radiator to the cooler in the front I am interested.

Dan the Pod Guy
Portia's Parts



I have done that a few times on my back. I used a small screwdriver to capture the kickdown lever, pull it out of the hole and used a needle nose vice grip to hold the 90 degree angled rod in place while I slid the cable end on to it.