Where do I find the transmission numbers???

On most of the transmissions the Porsche number is at the end of the gearbox, close to the fluid pipe to the reservoir.

On my GTS it is on the final drive itself.

The Mercedes number is on the side of the casing, on the passenger side.


For example, the 722 400 02 147104 has the following meaning:

  1. 722 designates Automatic Transmission
  2. The digit 4 designated the Model of Transmission. My car has a 722.3 series type transmission and the 3 designates that it is a 4 speed/6 bolt pan/Large Case. The numeral 4 above would designate that it is a 4 speed/6 bolt pan/Small Case
  3. The follow "00" designates the type of automobile or Version Number and is used to determine what modulator and the adjusted pressure required
  4. The last six digits is the MB serial number