While you have it drained, replace the o-ring where the reservoir nozzle slides over the tube from the pan. A drip from the gland nut at the rear is a telltale of that o-ring leaking.

Completely remove that gland nut and slide it onto the tube, then the o-ring after the tube has been wiped clean. Then the reservoir slides on, and the o-ring is gently put in position at the end of the reservoir nozzle. Be careful not to roll the o-ring, as it will leak if it's at all twisted.

If there is fluid ahead of the reservoir along the right side of the sump, there are common leaks where the throttle valve cable connects, thanks to an o-ring there. Easy to change that while the sump is off, giving you access to the little hook that connects the cable and the little lever. Just to the rear of that, a pivot pin for that same lever is known to leak, but gets a dab of clear silicone on the end of the pin after thorough cleaning.