Posted by don on 11/19/2005, 6:28 pm, in reply to "Re: shift cable replacement"

Just finished.

Remove shift handle and center shift plate (I had the whole console out already) Mark position of the 3 bolts (10mm)holding shifter to tunnel (I forgot and had to spend time adjusting when done) and remove bolts. Underneath car remove clip from end of shift cable, it is small and holds cable end on shifter ball by going through a tiny hole and then wrapping around cable housing. Do not loose as you will have to use again as well as the ball socket.

About 6-8" from end of cable you should see where cable is mounted to transmission case. Loosen and slide nut off and remove cable from holder. (loosening nut may take time due to location) You should now be able to pull shifter from tunnel to remove front cable clip and retaining nut. I used thin wire to go through new cable end (shifter end) and used 2 nuts to crimp it to old cable (transmission end) then from inside car pulled old cable out while feeding new cable through.

Connect front of cable and clip along with retaining nut and position shifter back in place where you marked. Install cable on transmission and tighten nut (will take time) tighten 3 shift mount nuts and install end of shifter cable along with clip and replace shifter plate. Check that arrow points to correct positions, if so then you are done. If not then adjust.

Hope this helps.