Oil filter Mercedes Partnumber:A126 277 02 95 or Mann H204
Oil pan seal Mercedes Part number: A126 271 10 80
1 Seal ring for the connection tube to the expansion reservoir (white O-Ring) Porsche Nr 477 321 487
1 Aluminum seal ring  for the drain plug of the torque converter: Porsche Nr 900 123 033 20. Plug torque is 22Nm.
CAUTION:  be aware of the correct Torque value  for the drain plug in the torque converter !!!!!

ATF-pan to transmission case M8 = 8 Nm
Seal plug in Torque converter M 10 x 1 = 14 Nm

The mentioned oil pan seal Mercedes Part number: A126 271 10 80 has been improved by MB and carries Part number: 126 271 11 80.

The correct procedure to replace the ATF in the transmission is outlined in the workshop manual  38-137 .

So you are ready to do some tranny work? A few tips perhaps?
- Drain the ATF oil
- Get ready for a splash of the remaining oil when you lower the oil pan (precautions?)
- Check the oil pan bottom for anything that looks suspicious
- Have a new seal ring for the plug's), oil pan seal and filter on standby
- Carefully clean everything
- Filling up can be difficult. Several options. A hand-pump and hose is easiest, or even one that attaches to the filler connection (coupler at the side)
- Filling: a poor man solution is a piece of new garden hose, stick it in the reservoir, tape it to the side of the car and use a funnel. Takes time but works ok.
- Do not over tighten the oil pan bolts. 8Nm is like nothing.
- Fill up, run the engine, change gears, fill up again…. Repeat till the tranny is at the 20c mark
- Drive the car and when hot check the oil level in the tranny again.
- Make sure the lid on the reservoir seals nicely.
- Ps: it is easier to add oil than to drain oil ?