At 08:15 AM 7/13/02, Steven M . Tucker wrote:

>Yes we do torque converters for many import applications . We just finished buiding a torque converter for a twin turbo Mercedes. This car has been featured in TURBO Magazine. As well as many turbo Supra's that are also in
>the 9's and10's. As well as a few BMW and Lexus some of which are in the 11's
>The torque converter that I recommend for this application is our PTC - MCSS.
>This torque converter is the perfect mix of performance and street ability and is recommended for a street/strip application.

I suspect that most owners want more low-end responsiveness, and that there are not too many 928 drag cars.

> The stall speed on this torque converter is approx 300-800 above stock .

The stall speed of the A28 four-speed is typically no higher than around 2150 rpm for the USA 2.2 final drives. If we add 800 rpm to this, we have 2950 rpm stall speed.

There will be noticeable slippage/multiplication below that. How much of our daily driving is below 2950 rpm? 90%? I doubt that many of us would be very happy with that for a high-stall daily driver.

Now, if you have one of the 1650 rpm stall units, adding 600 rpm to that might not be too bad.

It still appears that the best compromise might be an A28.16 with a 2200-2600 rpm stall speed, a 3.87 first gear, a 2.538 final drive and LSD. (Good luck in finding one!) This compares to the usual 1650 - 2050 rpm stall, 3.676 first gear, and 2.200 final drive in most of the USA cars.

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists