| Can anybody tell me how to remove the (shiny black plastic) shift cover that has the gear indicators on it? i was monkeying around with it a little, but i'm too paranoid about busting it. Any help would be appreciated!

If you have the workshop manuals it is covered in there in the transmission section (3 Speed AT volume II pg. 37 - 10 a/4 speed AT Volume III, pg. 37-101).

a. remove the shifter handle. There is one small screw on the handle, take that out. Slowly move the handle up off the shifter. Be careful with the spring and spacers that hold the shift detent button. If they pop out, they may disappear. Remove the rubber cover.

There are two types of shift cover frame for the 3 speed AT, the old version without a lock and the new version with a lock.

b. Move the selector level to 1 (3 speed) or 2 (4 speed). A locking arm should be visible in the hole that surrounds the shift lever. Push the lever (toward the front) to unlock.

c. Shift to R. Push the lever forward to unlock.

d. Shift to P. Gently pry up the rear of the shifter cover.

d. Shift to neutral. Remove the frame, prying up the front of the frame.


a. Shift to 3

b. Push gate in frame forward all the way.

c. Push cover frame forward and move right side to correct installed position (done by lifting left rear corner slightly and pushing down on the right side).

d. Push down on the left rear corner until frame fits in center console correctly.

e. Position selector lever between R and P, disconnect gate on selector level and push forward.

f. Push from locking bar toward the rear until it engages.

g. Move selector to position 3 and push rear locking bar toward rear until it engages.

h. Attach gate in selector lever, install rubber boot in correct position and install selector lever grip.

i. Move selector lever in and out of all positions to make sure that the cover frame fits correctly.

Good luck.