Suspension & Steering


Power Steering Rack

Steering Rack Info (Griffiths)

Steering Rack repair

Steering Rack parts view

Steering Rack seal repair

Steering Rack leak Stop fix

Steering Rack stops

Steering Rack reseal (similar, of a 944)

Steering Rack reseal

Steering Rack seals repair (bySchocki)

Steering Rack seal kit

Steering Rack saddle to adjust play

Steering Rack assembling instructions from ZF

Steering Rack Boot replacement

Steering Rack replacement

Steering Rack Bushings

Steering Rack Bushings aftermarket

Steering Rack Bushings / mounts

Steering Rack Internal Bushings play

Steering Rack locked firmly

Steering Rack centering

Steering Rack Differences

Power Steering pump replacement

Power Steering pump repair

Power Steering pump rebuild -'81

Power Steering pump problems

Power Steering pump whining

Power Steering squeak

Power Steering fluid leak diagnose

Power Steering background information on 928

Power Steering pressure hoses

Power Steering reservoir

Power Steering reservoir leaky hoses

Power Steering reservoir sweating hose

Power Steering hose Chemical Resistance Ratings

Power Steering hose restrictor

Power Steering diagnosis Tech bulletin 9308

Steering column disassembly/assembly

Steering knuckle

Steering response, tram railing

Steering shaft bearings replacement

Steering shaft universal joint

Steering shaft Hardy Disc

Heavy (stiff) Steering

Tie Rods replacement

Tie Rods replacement procedure


Steering wheel

Installing a Momo steering wheel on a 928s4

Horn contact part

Turn signal cancel

Non canceling turn signal

Steering signal cancellation switch

Defective steering column switch assembly

Fix the turn signal cancellation (no airbag)

Remove Airbag - Steering wheel

964 (928) Airbag Steering wheel removal

Steering wheel adjustment

Steering wheel position adjustment




Steering wheel alignment

Steering wheel centering

Ride Height Adjustment by Wally

Ride Height Adjustment

Ride Height Measurement instructions

Height adjustment nut

What wrench to adjust the height ?

Background info on oversteer and understeer

Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment by Earl Gillstrom

Wheel alignment by Bill Ball

Wheel alignment by Jim Mayzurk

Wheel alignment Instructions

pre-Wheel alignment lifting

Good info on 928 Wheel Alignment

Caster, Camber, and Toe explained

Discussion on alignment specs

Quick and Easy Camber adjustment

Trapezoid Calculator



Springs and shocks Choices

Shock absorbers Koni, Bilstein etc

Shock coil springs

Front Shock replacement and A-arm tightening

Shock replacing tips

Shock replacement tips

Adjustable drop links for Sway bar

Replacing the front shocks easily

Ball Joint Repair

Ball Joint Boot

Ball Joint Boot repair

Ball Joint Repair procedure

Ball Joint check

Front upper suspension A-arm part numbers

Front upper suspension A-arm Bushings

Front upper suspension A-arm Bushings continued

Front upper suspension A-arm polyurethane Bushings

Front upper suspension A-arm rebuild

Front upper suspension A-arm boot replacement

Front upper suspension A-arm and steering rack rebuild

Front upper suspension A-arm additional bearings new bushings

Front lower suspension control arm

Front upper suspension A-arm repair 944s2

Rear suspension

Rear suspension replacing the upper control arm

Rear suspension conical washers

Rear suspension cracking sound




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