Does anyone know of a seal kit for the power steering pump?
Brendan Campion


We have the reseal kit for $12. 928 347 921 01.
Mark Anderson

928 Intl

Partwerks has the kit too.


Power steering pump rebuild

This is a very good write-up originating from Since sometimes these writeups disappear from the net I have a saved copy. Credits go to the original author.
Now that the snow has melted I can take the car out for another drive and see what else needs to be done. My main concern was the power steering pump since it sounded like it was starting to go... which after 30 years isn't actually all that bad.

Warning- you will need to be either some sort of god or Chuck Norris in order to do this without a vice and some clamps

Here's the rebuild kit purchased for $20 from 928s Rus,
They were extremely helpful and even sent me a video on how to rebuild it

Step 1- take steroids and attempt to remove the pulley nut


Step 2- Get the bracket off by unscrewing 2 bolts


Step 3- take more steroids and remove the snap ring by pushing the rear cover inwards

Step 4- After the rear cover pops out, gently remove the pump shaft and internals... without having them grenade allover your workspace

Spring, rear cover, and more internals

Step 5- Install new o-rings and seals, make sure to coat them with ATF or power steering fluid before putting them in

Step 6- Remove the old shaft grommet and install the new one provided. The fit was tight so the rubber mallet came in handy.

Step 7- Putting the puzzle back together. Pretty much just put them back the way they came

piece by piece

almost there

Step 8- Putting the snap ring back in. This was actually pretty easy since the clamp does all the work.

Step 9- Once the snap ring is installed its just a matter of putting everything back where it came from and your power steering pump should be as good as new.
***torque spec for the pulley bolt is 36ft/lbs

These are pictures of a BMW ZF steering pump which is pretty similar to the one used in the 928.



The repair kit for a pump up to 1984 is different:

The power steering pump consists of a rotary part with little aluminum plates lodged in slits. It has minimal wear. Due to rotation and centrigugal force the plates are pressed to the outside and thus move the steering fluid (ATF) in one direction.

If taking apart, be aware that these plates will drop out.

The steering pump 928 347 089 01 was introduced in model 1985, had different size and opperated at 75 bar.

The change to 100 Bar took place in model year 1991 and with this the steering rack was also modified. (Don't know exactly what changed there). Funny thing is taht PET does not show the change in pump pressure. The part numbers remained unchanged.