does anyone know a trick to get the upper rear suspension arm off without completely removing the damper assembly? It seems that there's just not enough room to get the arm off from the stud. The bushing in the arm is loose and I have a spare one I want to install.
I hate taking it all apart again, but will unless there's an easy way out.
1988 928s4 cherry red
The Netherlands



The three nuts holding the shock are easy to get at from inside the  hatch. Perhaps that'd give you enough room.


thanks for the reply. I'm afraid that won't do. I looked at the suspension and think I need 2 to 3 cm to get the arm off. Loosening the upper 3 nuts I have a bit of play but that is not enough. By pushing the spring aside I can get another 0.5 cm but that isn't enough. I think I will have to remove the spring/damper assembly.

I thought maybe the bolt in the frame can be pushed backwards and thus allowing the arm to go off. But the bolt/stud seems firmly stuck and maybe permanently fixed to the subframe.

Anyway, thanks again for your reply.


I remember having the same problem, and I think the issue was te diameter of the stock springs. I think I considered just detaching the assembly at the bottom, but even then it wouldn't swing far enough out of the way. And the bolt wouldn't go the other way. I just looked at my track car which is fitted with small diameter springs, and it would still be a tight fit.

Wish I could be more encouraging, but I think you have to remove the damper assembly.