There was this problem with Grahams GT:

the car was steering poorly. It had a tendency to steer stiff, causing the driver to overcompensate. This missing fine-tuning of the steering caused tram railing behavior, like a shopping cart that was in an accident. The feeling was explicitly noticeable when driving rather slowly, and while cruising.

To cut a long story short, after swapping out the rack, track rod ends, various bushes and aligning the wheels 4 times my car still drove like a shopping cart. Today I swapped the bearing behind the steering wheel and now its like a new car.
If anyone wants to see the old one then drop me a mail and I will take some pics tomorrow back at the shop.
Parts to change are: 928 347 791 00 and 928 347 739 02. The best 30 bucks I have spent on this car since I have owned it!