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Porsche 928 Repair set for power steering Original ZF

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The set is OEM from the steering rack producer ZF

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Took the rack out of the car today to put in new bushings and this is what I found. PO had filled a hole in a boot with silicone. Didn't do a very good job. That side had a bad inner tie rod joint. so I've decided to do both inners and both boots.

ALSO found that the end  near the steering screw does  the sideways motion when you turn the steering screw back and forth. This tells me that the bushing is bad inside the rack on that end. Before I take the rack apart to make or buy and install new bushings, I would like to here from others who have been there. Walt, you been  there? Or  is this some kind of magic voodoo stuff?
Mark Grasser

We have two rebuild kits left from PCNA stock.  This is the kit they used to use when they did their own rebuilds.  The part number is 928.347.999.99 and I have only two of them left at $40 each.  They are labeled as being for 85-90 Porsche 928.

We do not rebuild steering racks in-house, so I do not know if this kit will work with earlier racks.  It's basically a bag with about 20-30 o-rings, seals, etc.  I've sold over 25 of the kits, so someone out there must have attempted the rebuild!

Hope you're all having a great weekend...sure is nice here in No. Cal!

Susan K. Thomas

PS fluid is leaking quickly when car is running from steering rack driver's side boot - checked Nichols and slyjay sites, doesn't sound promising - sounds like rack is shot. Any chance that there is supposed to be fluid in the boot and I just have to replace the boot? (yeah, I didn't think so...) 
Any alternatives to having rack replaced?
Any way to just replace seals?
Any recommendations for where to take it in Los Angeles area?
How much should getting rack replaced cost?

Thanks in advance for your help - you guys are great.


TJQuill wrote:

> what about my question? Start your own damned thread!
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What? You had a question????? It's like talking to a bunch of hyperactive kids, isn't it?

There are a bunch of replaceable seals inside the steering rack. I had my old one completely apart a few years ago, but by the time I was done it leaked more than when I started, because I had never replaced seals before, and I didn't do the work correctly. But if you want to give it a go, all you need is a BIG wrench to unscrew the ends of the rack, take it apart, pull off the various seals, go to your local seal and bearing store for replacements, and reassemble it. You might want to replace the pilot bearing inside there while you are at it.
The alternative is to call 928 International, who is close by you, for a rebuilt steering rack.
Dan Shapiro
'82 928 5 speed "S package" Chiffon/Brown

Hey guys,

Racks aren't always fixed by seal replacement and rebuilt racks aren't always well done. I have been using a used s4 rack in my 79 for 4 years without any incidents. At the time I bought it for about $225 I think. I used the 32mm bicycle head set wrench to get the inner tie rods off.

There are some tightly machined bushings inside the rack that have to be right. If there is slop in the rack bushings it will just tear up new seals and o-rings.

Jay Kempf.


>I have just taken my 88 928 s4 in for a warrant of fitness which we  have to do every 6 month here in New Zealand to find it has failed due to excessive play in the steering rack. This means I either have to put new bushes and seals into it or fit a reconditioned one. Strangely enough the rack is not leaking.
>Can anyone out there tell me the part numbers I need to order to  rebuild the rack.

In the USA, neither Porsche nor ZF support rebuilding the rack any more.
The seal kit, formerly available from Porsche, was P/N 928.347.999.99. It contained seals only - no bushings. I have been told that the bushings are available from a ZF service depot, but we can't get them.

We can furnish ZF-rebuilt rack units, or we can furnish rebuilt units by Griffith. I would suggest that you check on bushes from a ZF supplier locally. Of course, I have no way of knowing whether such a supplier even exists, nor whether they will sell to you - but that
would be my suggested approach.

Rebuilding a rack is not a trivial task, and it is what we in aerospace would call a "safety of flight" operation, so don't take it lightly.

Sorry that I can't be of more help.
Wally Plumley
928 Specialists


part info : ZF Parts 2848 701

part info
brand: ZF Parts
2848 701
Steering Gear
Remanufactured Part
4047592003336 (Remanufactured Part)

article country restrictions
not valid for: Great Britain, Ireland

country-specific article data
article status: Normal [05/10/2005]
packing unit: 1

for vehicles with power steering
Remanufactured Part:
For left-hand drive vehicles
without rod assembly

replacement for/substituted by
2848 701

ZF compare numbers
7840 955 123
7840 955 123 - 40

ZF Services compare numbers

manufacturer compare numbers
928 347 010 24
928 347 010 26
928 347 010 27
928 347 010 DX


4.9 S (212 kW ; 09/1985 - 05/1994)
4.9 S,S4 (235 kW ; 08/1986 - 07/1991)
5.0 S4 CAT (235 kW ; 08/1986 - 07/1991)
5.0 GT (243 kW ; 01/1989 - 07/1991)
5.4 GTS (257 kW ; 08/1991 - 11/1995)


Porsche 928 1980-94

V.M. No. 927347010C, CX

O.E No. 9840955112, 3

Rack type: ZF

O.E. Kit Ref 7840 633 003