I purchased new power steering hoses for my 84 and 87. These are the low pressure hose between the reservoir and the pump. On the original one removed from the 87, there appears to be a solid tube of some sort inside the hose about halfway down. It is clamped in place from the outside by two small hose clamps. At first I thought it was a junction between two hoses, but it is definitely one continuous hose with something inside. The new hose (928 347 445 05) does not have that piece inside it. Can anyone tell me what that is? It's not shown in the manuals, or in PET. I could cut the old hose apart to see, but I don't want to destroy it until I understand what that inside piece does. Am I supposed to somehow get that into the new hose?

Thanks, Mark
84 S Schwarz AT
87 S4 Grandprixweiss AT
88 S4 Silbermetallic MT



Details, details, huh? Thatís a noise reducing orifice believe it or not. Included with great compassion by your original design team.
Deleted by money grubbing OEM parts retailers in an effort to get more margin. But hey, the guy that made your new hose doesn't have to listen to the PS pump groaning over HIS stereo so what does he care, right?

You may find that the new HP hose has the orifice in the far end of the hose away from the pump instead of midshaft. The one I recently got for my Audi didn't and it groans when cold. Bastards!



Hi Jay,

Thanks for the quick reply. This is not one of the HP hoses. It is the LP gravity feed hose between the reservoir and the pump. I am currently not replacing any of the HP hoses. Does it make sense that a noise reducing orifice would be inside this hose? Should I cut it out, and stuff it down into the new hose?

Thanks, Mark.



If it is just the return hose It might just be where it might rub through. I seem to remember a large lump like that near the strut tower.

My mistake thought you meant the High Pressure hose.