Model Driver side (euro) Passenger side (euro)
1978-1986 model 928.341.027.33 928.341.028.33
1987-1995 model 928.341.027.37 928.341.028.37

Upper Arm Driver side (the 928.341.458.24 is a production number)


Upper Arm passenger side (the 928.341.457.22 is a production number)



Here's an installation document for new bushings from 928motorsports

Upper A-Arm Poly Bushings.pdf



The polyurethane bushings come from Australia, a gentleman named Paul Grey

He lists bushings for BMWs at

I have installed them on my '83 928S upper control arms, but I am still reassembling the car. I was planning to post my results as soon as I finished. Since my wife is due with our first son in November, my project has been progressing slowly. That P word!! (Priorities, I didn't want anyone's imagination to run too far).

Good luck and let me know if I can be of any help.


This is a complete DIY kit available at 928intl and 928motorsports.