Steering Rack rebuild seals and O rings pics

I'm posting this as a reference. For those about to rebuild a rack the rebuild kit contains about 40 seals, O rings and Nylon rings. Looks challenging enough to make you think twice about doing the job yourself. You'll have to forgive my eccentric naming of the bits and pieces of the rack I haven't a clue what all the bits are called.

NB to avoid confusion this
rack is off a RIGHT HAND DRIVE car. Afaik the seals etc are all the same LHD or RhD. In fact the only part that I think would differ is the input shaft housing.

But first in an earlier thread talks about aligning the input shaft to the triangle on the cover plate - this is with the rack centered on a Rack that afaik is untouched from the factory.

Rack in pieces ready to do battle

ZF exploded view of the
rack - I have a pdf of this which is even better if anyone wants it. The hand writing is identifying the part I thought was missing - turned out I was missing part 9.

Seal set with ZF part No.s marked Part1

Part 2

Parts identified........
Central tube, the other end looks the same 1 O ring per end

Slidy thing that fits over
steering rod new blue seal and nylon ring
"the nylon ring shown in this photo is part No. 26 and doesn't belong here. Part No. 26 belongs inside the passenger side end of the
rack housing behind the wiper seal. The nylon ring that should go here is part No. 9 and is identifiable as being about 3.5mm thick with a chamfer on one side to fit in the flared end of the slidy pipe. I don't have a photo of part 9 as it was missing from my seal kit so I reused the old one which was completely unworn."

Other end of slidy thing - with one nylon ring

Passenger side end of
rack - Edit "There is a white nylon ring hiding behind the seal, this is part No. 26, and is mistakenly shown in the photo of the slidy thing."

Seals on the middle of the
steering rod held in with two circlips. You have to remove these to get the slidy thing off the steering rod. You can identify this O ring which is very similar to the one that goes inside the input shaft housing input shaft because it is a close fit inside the metal housing for the nylon ring.

Input shaft thingy - 4 new O rings that go under the 4 nylon rings, 1 larger O ring for the cover plate a wiper seal inside the cover plate and a plastic cover for the outside of the cover plate (old one not shown as it fell to pieces.)

Input shaft Housing. 1 Wiper seal shown, and not shown is the O ring seal which goes in the left hand end in the photo. This is the one which is very similar to the one that goes on the middle of the
steering rod.

Friction pad and cover that keeps pressure on the pinion. One nylon pad and one O ring

One of the two steel pipes that connect the
rack to the rack. 8 small O rings 2 for each end of the pipes.

Now off to try and find another Nylon Ring.

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Steering rack instructions ZF BMW .pdf