Wheel alignment by Earl Gillstrom (http://members.rennlist.com/captearlg/928%20DIY%20ALIGNMENT.html )

DIY 928 WHEEL ALIGNMENT 10/08/03-1

If you are unfamiliar with automobile wheel alignment, go to the library or a book store and learn the theory. It can be found in some older Chiltons and Haynes manuals as well as some of the new suspension books (~$18). Also read WHY 928 SUSPENSION IS DIFFERENT and MISCELLANEOUS RAMBLINGS and QUICK CHECK OF 928 ALIGNMENT


ALWAYS use proper safety procedures. ALWAYS use jack stands on cars that are jacked up. To jack the front of a 928 I use two garage floor jacks under the front jack pads and then put jack stands under the inner frame members for safety. Caution, do this only for safety. These frame members are not made for holding the car up. They are usually bent from unknowing mechanics using them as jack points. If a jack should fail they will get bent, somewhat, but may save my life.


You should be able to assemble all of the Special tools necessary to do home alignment on your 928, as well as your "beaters" for less than the cost of one "professional" alignment. You probably have many in your tool box already. You should refer to the 928 shop manual (section 44) to identify the adjustment eccentrics etc., you will be adjusting.