I put on a new steering rack, and my steering wheel was not centered anymore. I used the following procedure to set it up right. WARNING - you will be working with explosives! take precautions as described.

1. Get the wheels pointed straight, use a stick on the outside of the left tire touching front and back of the side, sight down to the outer edge of the rear tire.

2. Disconnect the battery terminals. Wait 30 minutes before proceeding.

3. Using a Torx T-30 1/4 drive, remove the airbag attachment bolts on the back side of the steering hub. They are captive, so will loosen, but not fall out.

4. Touch the metal frame of the car, to ground yourself, then pull the airbag away from the hub a few inches to expose the connector. Keep the airbag facing to your SIDE so the receiver piece, and the airbag piece neither face toward you.

5. Grasp the sides of the small brown connector and wiggle it off the rear of the explosive charge.

6. While keeping the airbag oriented on an angle away from you, set it down on the ground away from the car.

7. Use a socket to remove the center nut and washer.

8.Grasp the wheel and pull it toward you. If it is stuck use a punch and mallet to tap the shaft gently.

9. Guide the airbag connector through the angled slot in the hub. Set the wheel aside.

10. There is a black plastic bezel held on by two Phillips, remove them and remove the black bezel.

11. You will now see the inner hub of the airbag wire slot, the horn copper grounding ring, and the turn signal canceling module. It is held on by two offset screws, lower left and upper right. Loosen these two captive screws.

12. The module will now move off the shaft.

13. Pull it toward you so the white inner ring is off the spline shaft.

14. Rotate the white plastic inner hub to so the connector and wires for the airbag are at about the 1 o'clock position.

15. Put the module back on the shaft spline, with the white inner hub aligned so the wires will feed through the wheel slot, about 1 o'clock position,

16. tighten the module screws. Install the black bezel and screws.

17. Guide the airbag connector through the steering wheel hub slot.

18. Line up the wheel splines with the shaft. Attach the wheel with the nut and washer.

19. Carefully reinstall the airbag connector on the back of the airbag, snap it in snug.

20. install the airbag on the wheel hub, and tighten the T-30 screws on the rear recess of the hub.

21. Attach the battery terminal, and turn on the key.

22. The airbag symbol should light, then go out after a few seconds.

23. Have a beer.

This is the airbag support assembly, and be aware, it also triggers the turn cancellation. So if you turn the splined bit away from its original position you will see that the turn cancellation triggers at a wrong moment or not at all. It makes sense to mark the correct position :)