My Turn Signal is not canceling on right turns. After some investigation I decided that the time had come to take all apart, and fix it. It was not that hard actually. The procedure is as follows:

1. Gently pry off the rectangular horn pad. It is clicked on three plastic knobs. Take care not to break, and mind the little  wire that is connected to the pad. It is the Horn switch wire that you may want to keep...

2. take a 27mm socket and extender, and unscrew the nut that holds the steering wheel.

3. take off the steering wheel by wiggling it a bit. A splined shaft holds the wheel in place, so it comes off by just gently pulling towards you. Take special care of the tab that is located at the back side of the steering wheel. It is the trigger that actuates the cancellation tab.

4. The cancellation tab is a small plastic (white) that is located on the dash-pod area, and is spring enabled. It moves up and down by using the turn signal lever, and resets the mechanism as soon as the wheel (while turning) pushes this plastic lever back. The problem with the lever is that it wears and the force is not pointed in the right direction, but in an angle. This causes the lever to slide own, thus not resetting the mechanism.

5. I used a small file to correct the shape a bit, as the drawing shows. Easy job! Put the steering wheel back on (watch the right direction of the wheels) and screw it back tight. Works fine for me now.....