Climate Control and Air Conditioning


Air Conditioner 

AC problems special

AC and Blower

AC diagnose

AC more questions and answers

AC troubleshooting

AC fault finding (very good)

AC not working: checking procedure

AC electrical problems

AC electrics trouble shoot

AC electrics Freon pressure switch and sensor

AC electrics Clutch Power Relay problems

AC electrics Clutch Power Relay pinning and layout

AC electrics wiring connections

AC Clutch and compressor info

AC Compressor replacement by generic Ford

AC Compressor leak check

AC Compressor exploded view Ford

AC Compressor models and parts

AC Compressor repair

AC Compressor Seal kits

AC Compressor not running

AC Compressor Nippon Denso seal

AC Compressor Nippon Denso rebuild

AC Compressor Nippon Denso 10PA20C

AC Compressor Nippon Denso 10PA20C rebuild

AC Compressor Nippon Denso 6E171 rebuild

AC Compressor Nippon Denso 6E171 manual

AC Compressor Clutch bearings

AC Compressor Clutch puller

AC Compressor Clutch Denso

AC Compressor Clutch bearing repair

AC Compressor oil filling capacities

AC stays -on- at all time

AC Leaks

AC Leak finding

AC expansion valve

AC thermostat

AC Seals kit

AC dryer versions and parts

AC dryer sight glass explanation

AC charging info by Griffiths

Lockup, Noise, freezing AC Problems

Airflow problems AC related

Frozen Evaporator

Theory AC lessons

Theory of operation

Theory of operation (more)


Fresh air Blower

Blower assembly and removing

Blower motor repair 


Charging the AC in a 1988 928s4

Charging amounts refrigerant/ oil

DIY recharging the AC system and advice

DIY recharging step by step

AC charge instructions

AC manifold charging guide

R134a refilling

R12 to R134 conversion

Retrofitting R12 with R134A TSB's

R413a replacing R12 ?

Guidelines for Utilization of R134a

Replacing R12 and recharging questions

Refrigerant fluid

Info on refrigerant and their Coding

Low pressure port on a GTS




HVAC controls and levers

HVAC trouble under the dash

HVAC controller test

Ventilation vacuum connections

Clicking under the dash

Combination Flap repair

Vacuum leaks tracing in HVAC system

Vacuum actuators replacement?

Vacuum actuator diaphragm

Vacuum valve controller module

Vacuum storage reservoir

Center console Vent Flap Troubleshooting

Center vent vacuum POD repair

Footwell vacuum actuator repair

Footwell vacuum actuator in my 1992 GTS

Defroster vacuum pod repair

Vacuum check valve and diagnosing

Air Recirculation

Blower and recirculation box repair

Blower (interior fan) motor

FAN only runs on 4, not on 1,2,3

Magic Blower Syndrome

More on Magic Blower syndrome

Resistor pack versions for HVAC fan

HVAC air box views

HVAC air  box more views

HVAC controller repair

HVAC controller motor repair

HVAC controller gear broken

Blower stops when AC is switched on

Air box cleaning

Add a Pollenfilter

Mity Vac vacuum diagnosing



Heating Valve problems

Huge amount of white smoke

HVAC problems troubleshooting

Heating Valve Replacements

Warm Air entry

Heater valve modification

Outside air temp sensor

Outside (fender) temp sensor

Inside (dash fan) temp sensor

Temp regulator problems (outside temp sensor)

The HVAC mixing flap actuator

The heater core



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